Glendon International Scholarship is an award program by York University to assist international students who want to study in Canada.  This is intended towards the imminent 2022/2023. The program is precisely for undergraduate-level programs in the courses taught at York University. The scholarship deadline will be the 1st of Feb 2022. The estimated value of this award varies from $5,000-$10,000. All candidates enrolled at York University will be qualified to receive this scholarship.

York University – About

York University is a state-owned research institution of higher learning located in Toronto. IT ranks 19th among all the universities in Canada. It is working hard towards fulfilling its promises of excellence in all researches and teachings. This is an evironment of applied and professional fields in which they test the boundaries and structures of knowledge and foster critical intellect.

The scholars at York University gain knowledge from professors who are foremost in the future of world health, sustainable business interventions, and much more. It gives students the avenue to merge different areas of study where they can embark on double major or register in blended courses.

Glendon International Scholarship – Summary

Benefits of Glendon International Scholarship

Eligibility for Glendon International Scholarship

To be eligible for Glendon International Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the requirements below: 

How to Apply for Glendon International Scholarship

To win Glendon International Scholarship, please follow the guidelines below:

To make further inquiries about Glendon International Scholarship, please visit the official webpage.

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